Holy Crapola! Wild West XCOM? That’s a Backin’

Check out this Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1752350052/hard-west

How damn cool does that look? XCOM wildwest, with HOMM overland map? Oh god yes. Just check out that gunfight!

And the mechanics they’re espousing:

The combat is fast. The whole combat encounter takes no more than 5-10 minutes. It’s short, bloody, and decisive. All it takes is one well laid shot. It’s just not that easy to put yourself in the proper position.

No peeling off HPs. HPs represent the ability to withstand a shot or two, alternatively to sustain a powerful blow.

There’s little randomization: you either make good predictions and good decisions to land a kill, or you die. There’s no victory without risk, but it’s a well calculated risk.

BANGBANGBANG! Look at ’em go! I’m a backer. Maybe you should be too?

Last Day Steam Summer Sale

It’s the last day of the Steam Summer Sale, so if there were any deals they’re back and this is your last chance. Here is a list of games that are on special, and if you don’t own them yet – SHAME ON YOU.

(all prices are AUD. Click to jump to Steam.)

Tomb Raider – this was an amazingly good game, now only $5

The Stick of Truth – It lived up to the hype, now $37

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – One of the greatest games ever made for $13. Steam is crazy.

Civ V – the crowning jewel of the Civ series… and that’s saying a lot. $13.50

State of Decay – An amazingly fun, and unique, take a zombie apocalypse. It is a bit rough here and there, but for $5 it’s a bargin.

Banished – An extremely fun and challenging city builder. Nothing like starving a fledging village of outcasts during the winter! $10

Payday 2 – I’ve been getting a LOT of mileage out of this game. Get a crew together for an fantastic co-op experience that has great theme, depth, and RPG-like elements. You’ll get many hrs for your $6

Stanley Parable – I’m not going to try and explain this one… but for $6 you really should try it to see what all the fuss is about.

Batman: Arkham Origins – It was missing a little something-something from the other Arkham games, but it was still worth sinking 22 hrs into. $7.50

Dragon Age: Origins – A good RPG, you’ve probably heard of it. I go against the grain and claim the second was better. I mostly suggest this one now, because the upcoming Inquisitions is looking really good so for $7.50 you could catch up on the “story so far.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Just a straight up fun FPS. Captured “Wolfenstein with modern computing technology” really well. A-grade fun here, boys! $40 (expensive, I know, but that IS 50% off.)

Portal 2 – Who would have thought they could improve on the original? Well they did! Play it now. With a friend is a good option too. $5

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – a standard multiplayer FPS with a easy-to-use-hard-to-master melee system. Plenty of fun to be had here for $5.

I’m ‘Eh’ on Steam’s Hardware, but the Controller Looks Interesting

I’m ‘Eh’ on Steam’s Hardware, but the Controller Looks Interesting

One of my biggest complaints about console gaming is that it has to be done in your living room. Apparently, a lot of people really like that. I guess I’m weird.

So as much as I love Steam, the idea of a “Steam Machine” (basically Steam in the living room) and a “Steam OS” (basically Linux – how many games are there on Linux, again?) does not really excite me. At all. *yawn*

The controller they’re talking about though… I’m interested if for no other reason than it is innovative and different. Ooohhh! I sometimes even use a controller! How interesting.

Spring Cleaning!

I decided it was about time to clean up my keyboard. It’d been around the block a bit:

I’ve seen worse, but it was pretty filthy. A lot of people were espousing methylated spirits, or isopropyl alcohol. I don’t think I needed to go that far.

A lot of people were also talking about using cotton swaps (dipped in the alcohol) but that seemed like more work than just …

Prying the keys off:

Dropping them in a bucket with dishwashing detergent.

Using a can of compressed air to blow out my keyboard with the keys off, followed up by a wipe with a damp cloth (dipped in the key’s bucket.) The biggest hurdle here was finding a can of compressed air. Those things are so hard to locate around here! Dicksmith is never any help, and the local PC store I went to was similarly useless. I got the last can from a hardware store. This is not the first time I’ve struggled to get a simple can of air. Word of … caution… I guess? (It was less dangerous and more cool) was how cold the can gets when you use it:


(not pictured was the smoke curling off from freezing the moisture in the air.)

Putting it back together was like playing Scrabble. What can be spelt with these letters? Any ideas?

(And bonus points for pointing out the mistake I had to later correct.)

And the final result. Much nicer!

E3 Announcement: New Mirror’s Edge!

The strange thing about Mirror’s Edge is that it was critically panned at the time but embraced by the player-base that picked it up. Over time it picked up steam as more people (who originally avoided it due to poor reception) tried it out. It was really an excellent game. Now, 3.5 years later, critic sites are foaming at the mouth for the sequel… go figure.

If you want to know my thoughts on Mirror’s Edge when it was first released, click here (although re-reading it my writing style back then was pretty damn uneven…) The gist of my review was this: The combat and story should have been much better, but the rest of the game was tons of fun.

So, for this sequel to rock, they just need to put a bit more effort in to the combat system (and it looks like they have done that) and actually cash-in on the interesting world they have built with an interesting story. There is no telling if they’ve done that.

Oh… and make it work with the Oculus Rift. Afterall, somebody already has done that with the original:

Need For Speed Rivals. Will NFS Finally Be Worth Playing Again?

I played the original Need For Speed, way back in 1994. Damn it looked pretty – 3D graphics like Quake but with shiny cars in glorious 640×480 (or was it 320×240? I dunno. Resolutions weren’t as big a deal as numbers of colours, back then.) The best game in the series, though, came in 1997 with Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit. In this game you could actually play as the cops and chase the racers! More impressive, though, was being able to chase and arrest your friends! This was just when LAN parties were starting to take off, so this was just a fantastic game to pull out.

In the era of connectivity I’ve been surprised that Hot Pursuit games haven’t layed down the spike strip and captured this idea once and for all. Until now – consider it a full-blown PIT maneuver. Ok. I’ll stop now.

Check out this quote from the executive producer Marcus Nilsson: “You’re going through the levels of the game and collecting points. I’m your friend, so when I join the game, I’m being put in your world. The world is pretty big, right? I can be on a different side of the map and I’m doing my thing in my play progression, being a racer, being chased by cops and collecting Speedpoints.”

“Then, our experiences can merge so we happen to be on the same street, which means that you can start going after me. Or if we’re both cops, we can go after the racer that we were chasing together” (link)


… it needs Oculus Rift support though.