Massive Chalice – I featured!

So I backed Massive Chalice at the level that allowed me to add my own house to the game.

Double Fine do a live stream each week showing off the game. I decided to check out live stream 24 … and my house appeared in game! Check it out: my house Arnold-Amon (it makes an appearance a few seconds in)

Then at 7:50 my battlecry gets quoted!

At 22:00 my descendant is married and given a keep: Huntsville! (named after my cat :))

Massive Chalice. A Kickstarter Game I Need to Back

Crowd-sourced funding for old-school genres is all the rage lately, and I love it! Tim Shafer and Double-fine started it all with Broken Age. Now, I love the idea of crowd-sourced games, but that doesn’t mean I fund every one that I see. In fact, I didn’t even back “double-fine adventure” because although I might play it if it is good, I’m not so enamored with the genre that I want to be an early adopter.

Massive Chalice, on the other hand, I will definitely be backing. It sounds just awesome! I loved the kickstarter video – it would not be nearly as good without the stilted acting – but if you want to just get down to the ideas skip to 3:50. I can’t explain it any better than Brad Muir does on the page itself. My favourite bit is the artifacts that heroes leave behind when they die, that their ancestors can then weld! Check it out! Back it if you dare!