Halcyon 6: FTL goes even MORE Star Trek

I name-drop FTL, because the game clearly has been inspired by it, but in fact Massive Damage (the developers) appear to have nothing to do with it…

STILL, it looks very nice, and within a few days they’re almost at their goal. It seems they WILL reach their goal, and it’s just a matter of how much over it they will go.

I see capital ships with turn-based combat, away teams involved in turn based combat, base building, and characterisation. So… Star Trek-style space battles, Star Trek-style ground combat, Deep Space Nine (that is… Star Trek-style) space station control, and sci-fi crew members … kinda like Star Trek, but we could also throw Firefly or something like that in there as a comparison too.

That’s a backin’. (HERE)

Steam Sales Steam Sales Steam Sales

Ok so. Prison Architect. If nothing else is on sale today, this is a game you have to get. It’s awesome. Look! The devs are funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDDzSOS0vzc

Worms Revolution: As good as the original!

FTL: A kickstarter success story, and just a fun bite-sized game all-round.

But you know what? I’m seeing more games to avoid than to get today. Except Prison Architect. You should totes play that.