People Are Upset about Battlefront DLC


Ok, so for reference, American’s pay $60US for the base game, and the “season pass” is $50US, bringing the total to $110US.

So the basic argument goes like this: “To get the whole game it costs $110!!! What a rip off!”

I don’t have a ton of time to invest in this blog, so here’s some choice comments from my online arguing:

It seems to me, it’s about choice.

I have bought Battlefront, and many other games … I have never, ever, seen the point in a “season pass”. What the fuck is that? You never EVER have to buy the DLC (although, if that ever DOES happen, then I’ll be the first to take up a pitch fork.)

In the very unlikely scenario that I buy ALL of the DLC for my favourite game, it’ll be so rare that the $10-$20 I save from a season pass won’t be worth the risk.

Speak with your wallet – yes – and think with your brain.

Buy the game YOU want. You get what you want, and the gaming companies get the message of what gamers want.

I’ve bought the base game… and unless there’s something amazing coming in the DLC for Battlefront (if any other game in the history of games is anything to go by… then there won’t be) then I won’t be spending more than the initial purchase price. And for that price, it’s a great game. Well, pretty good anyway. Not earth shattering, but hella fun.

I have no idea why anyone buys season passes, or 99.99% of the DLC games offer… and then to top it off, bitch and moan about the model. The model that GIVES YOU MORE OPTIONS.

You don’t want to pay full price, but still want the game? Don’t buy the DLC … simple.

And then you’re going to complain that you’re not getting the “full experience” ? Bullshit. 0.01% of DLC is any good at all, and the base game is as good as games have ever been. You get the experience you want, and games companies are giving you that choice. Exercise it.


Gamer’s need to change. They need to stop thinking they HAVE to collect ’em all. I just missed the Pokemon craze and I think “gotta collect ’em all” has been ingrained in the generation behind me. This leads to compulsive buying of crap, then anger at being ripped off for buying crap. The simple solution… is to stop buying stuff you know is going to be crap.

You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Buy the game. Judge the game on that. Buy the DLC that looks like it’ll be good, and ignore the rest.

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