My Latest Kickstarter Backarama: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I saw this one fly past its requested goal today, and I was part of that (yay me!)

Why am I excited for this game? I think the lead designer said it best:

“We’re trying to mix the freedom and game mechanics of Skyrim, storytelling of The Witcher, the theme of Mount and Blade, and the tough combat of Dark Souls into one single package…”

It looks impressive what they have so far. For me, the make or break will be the combat system. It looks pretty good, but there’s just no way to be sure without some hands-on action to play with the nuances. If I’m constantly looking forward to combat, then anything is possible. All the freedom in the world, and interesting quests won’t keep me logging in if I am trying to cut through the combat as quickly as possible.

Check it out. Back if you dare.

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