The Banner Saga

I’ve never heard of this game before… but wow. This looks fantastic.

*Goes digging through Steam to find it*


banner sagaThe Banner Saga is a game that’s kind of flying under radar this month. It comes out on January 14th for the PC and it looks really solid. The in game cutscenes are beautiful, and the gameplay looks great. I love strategy, and tactic games and this game actually reminds me of King of Dragon Pass and that’s not a bad thing at all since I love that game. The Banner Saga has beautiful graphics and some good looking gameplay and from what i’ve seen of the story it looks solid. I’m really looking forward to playing this on release day. I’ve already preordered my copy [which is very rare for me to do] and I can’t wait to jump in the game. The Banner Saga is made by Stoic Studios. This is actually their very first game. Before this were actually Bioware employees. Stoic Studios takes pride in having…

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