Cards Against Humanity or “Do You Have a Sense of Humour?”


Wow. It’s a game that is pretty  damn light on mechanics so I really wasn’t expecting much. Add to that that I’d heard lots of dubious mentions around the internet. I thought – perhaps a little elitist-ly – that the people that liked it were probably board-game philistines. Yes, probably a fine little game, but not really on par with the great games *I* dip into.

There’s certainly not much depth there but we played and kept playing this game. Well, for an hour maybe, but certainly well past when we were told it was supposed to end. And holy crap did we laugh.

I should be able to explain this pretty quickly: There is a black deck and a giant holy-crap-you’ve-never-seen-one-this-big white deck (the game was brought along by someone else so this might have included expansions.)

Everyone gets a hand of 10 white cards. These cards say things like “Ghengis Khan”, “Child Beauty Pageants”, “BATMAN!!!!”, or “Civilian Casualties”

Then the first player flips over the top black card. Black cards say things like “What’s guaranteed to get you laid?” Then everyone  (excepting the current player) picks one of their ten white cards for what they think will be the funniest answer (well, technically, they will pick the card they think the current player  will find funniest) and play them face down into the middle.

The current player shuffles them, then flips them over and reads them out. Lastly, that player decides which card they think was the best and the owner of that card gets to take the black card as a point. Rinse and repeat with a new player flipping over a black card. Whoever has the most points when you feel like stopping wins.

The million-dollar question – the real crux of whether this is the game for you or not – is: How is your sense of humour? Let me give you some examples from the game I played, and you be the judge:

  1. What’s guaranteed to get you laid? Winner: American Boy Scouts Association. (Honourable mention: Child Beauty Pageants. Honourable comment: “Hmm. I can’t decide. Let me just eliminate all the responses except for the pedophilia ones.”)
  2. Batman’s guilty pleasure. Winner: BATMAN!!!!! (Honourable mention: Civilian casualties)
  3. If I was president of the United States, my first act would be to establish a department of _________. Winner: German Dungeon Porn.
  4. What’s the next Happy Meal Toy? Winner: Roofies

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