Board Games + Water = Sad Games Pusher

Over the weekend we had a water main burst under the main bathroom sink. We were out at the time, and the bathroom is on the second floor.

By the time we got home, the entirety of the top floor had an inch of water over it, and the ceiling between the two floors had partly collapsed. Where it had not collapsed, the water was cascading like a theatre production of Singing in the Rain.

Unfortunately for me, my games collection lived on that bookcase. I’ll show you what I mean:


That waterfall must have been going for a solid 2 hours, we estimate, so the boxes were not in good shape. Most were so soggy they were hard to remove without them turning to mush in my hands.

Battlestar Galactica (and all expansions), Resistance, and Space Alert all dodged the damage by virtue of not being unpacked from my last games session. Yay for laziness!

I didn’t have the heart to open the boxes. My brother and old housemates came around to help so I gave them my boxes to see if they could salvage anything. They texted me later to say “90% inside the boxes was OK” – so perhaps it is just the boxes themselves that are destroyed.

One can only hope.

2 thoughts on “Board Games + Water = Sad Games Pusher

    1. Alas, no insurance. It makes me wish I had some, but the truth is if I had been paying for contents insurance over the last couple of years, it would have cost more than I’d be able to get back for those things I lost.

      We came out of it surprisingly well – Body Corporate is going to pay for most of the expensive stuff (structural damage.) Stuff like my games collection… well, it could have been worse.

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