What’s the Best Party Theme? SpyParty!

Have you seen this yet? http://www.spyparty.com/2011/03/10/rtupdatedfm/

The early access beta just started. It sounds very interesting, and my sort of game. I’m not entirely convinced it will fit with my circle of friends, but I hope I can find at least one other person to play against.

Basically, one person is the spy, and they’re at a party trying to complete an objective. The other person is a sniper, and they’re trying to shoot the spy – but not the AI. So the spy has to act like the AI while also completing their objective. The sniper has to catch them acting out, and shoot them dead.

Fortunately, it’ll be some time before the game is “release-ready” because I have a ton of decent games to play at the moment.

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