As Though A Million Gamers Cried Out At Once…

The EAmpire Strikes Back?

So Disney shut down LucasArts and has now given all the Star Wars video games to EA.

I am cautiously optimistic. EA knows how to make some AAA games. Yes, Assassin’s Creed got worse with each iteration. Yes, Battlefield is pretty bad for the microtransactions. Yes, SimCity was… flawed.

But you know what? SWTOR is not half bad. Battlefield is still a great game and SimCity, if it irons out its flaws, could be the best entry to the SimCity franchise ever. (Though I am getting less convinced as time goes by that they’ll succeed in crushing all those flaws.)

No, my biggest concern is Origin. Let me be as diplomatic as possible here: EA, put your games on Steam or die in a fire. It’s that simple.

Having said all that, with a new Star Wars IP, and a company that knows how to squeeze gamers ahem, make a profit, er… release AAA quality games on time, perhaps they’ll see fit to smash out some titles that really need to be made.

1313 had quite a lot of hype behind it and who doesn’t want to be a Boba Fett knock off? They should put that one back in to bake a bit longer.

Battlefront by DICE is a no-brainer.

But do you know what they NEED to do?


Compatible with the Oculus Rift, naturally.

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