Last Day Steam Summer Sale

It’s the last day of the Steam Summer Sale, so if there were any deals they’re back and this is your last chance. Here is a list of games that are on special, and if you don’t own them yet – SHAME ON YOU.

(all prices are AUD. Click to jump to Steam.)

Tomb Raider – this was an amazingly good game, now only $5

The Stick of Truth – It lived up to the hype, now $37

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – One of the greatest games ever made for $13. Steam is crazy.

Civ V – the crowning jewel of the Civ series… and that’s saying a lot. $13.50

State of Decay – An amazingly fun, and unique, take a zombie apocalypse. It is a bit rough here and there, but for $5 it’s a bargin.

Banished – An extremely fun and challenging city builder. Nothing like starving a fledging village of outcasts during the winter! $10

Payday 2 – I’ve been getting a LOT of mileage out of this game. Get a crew together for an fantastic co-op experience that has great theme, depth, and RPG-like elements. You’ll get many hrs for your $6

Stanley Parable – I’m not going to try and explain this one… but for $6 you really should try it to see what all the fuss is about.

Batman: Arkham Origins – It was missing a little something-something from the other Arkham games, but it was still worth sinking 22 hrs into. $7.50

Dragon Age: Origins – A good RPG, you’ve probably heard of it. I go against the grain and claim the second was better. I mostly suggest this one now, because the upcoming Inquisitions is looking really good so for $7.50 you could catch up on the “story so far.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Just a straight up fun FPS. Captured “Wolfenstein with modern computing technology” really well. A-grade fun here, boys! $40 (expensive, I know, but that IS 50% off.)

Portal 2 – Who would have thought they could improve on the original? Well they did! Play it now. With a friend is a good option too. $5

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – a standard multiplayer FPS with a easy-to-use-hard-to-master melee system. Plenty of fun to be had here for $5.

Oculus DK2 Shipping on the Horizon

So the VR community has been a-buzz lately. There’s Google’s project Tango, as well as their project cardboard, some of my favourite games are coming with VR: iRacing and DCS World.

Perhaps the most exciting news is the hint that DK2 shipping information will drop next week… The Twitter quote in question:

“@Cyber will there still be a shipping update next week?” — “@MikeLen: Yes, there will be a shipping update at some point soon.”

Oh. Did I mention? I was on the first wave of orders. I have a DK2 coming, so this news is VERY relevant.

Breaking News: 18 Hour EvE Battle Ends with Half-Million (Real) Dollars Destroyed

In EvE Online – famous for pushing the idea of sandboxing to the limit – a marathon, 18-hour, game-changing battle has just finished.

DarkRazer, an EvE player said:

So, you will probably see some articles in the mainstream media over the next week.  The biggest battle EVER to happen in EVE just finished.  Over 100 titans dead.  At the current Real Life $USD to In Game ISK exchange rate, over half a million dollars of ships got destroyed.  Its going to change the political landscape of the game, I have no idea whats going to happen next.

Anyway, I thought this picture was cool (expand it)

The biggest (butt-plug looking things) are titans, the other ships you can clearly see are Super-carriers.  You can see the occasional Dreadnaught or Carrier there.  Battleships, Battle-cruisers, Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates are too small to see at this scale (As any more than the occasional dot anyway).

The main fight went for over 18 hours with over 3000 players participating.  Lots of smaller (only 100-800 players) fights popped up intercepting reinforcements and the like all during that time.  The fight started just after Australian prime time (after midnight) and is just finishing up now.  We (V-D-D) did not go into the fight, as the call was made by our side to GTFO about 4 hours ago.  We lost this one unfortunately, at about a 2 to 1 loss to kill ratio.

Pretty crazy.”

There are a lot of good stories that come out of EvE, but for a variety of reasons I never really got drawn in after I dabbled in it a few times. I decided my favourite part of EvE is the stories, so I stopped playing and started listening instead.

This is just one of many good EvE stories you can dig up if you look. In fact, there is a nifty website dedicated to collecting the best of those stories.

My Latest Kickstarter Backarama: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I saw this one fly past its requested goal today, and I was part of that (yay me!)

Why am I excited for this game? I think the lead designer said it best:

“We’re trying to mix the freedom and game mechanics of Skyrim, storytelling of The Witcher, the theme of Mount and Blade, and the tough combat of Dark Souls into one single package…”

It looks impressive what they have so far. For me, the make or break will be the combat system. It looks pretty good, but there’s just no way to be sure without some hands-on action to play with the nuances. If I’m constantly looking forward to combat, then anything is possible. All the freedom in the world, and interesting quests won’t keep me logging in if I am trying to cut through the combat as quickly as possible.

Check it out. Back if you dare.